Noeline Subramaniam



I'm a member of the social media and outreach team for the Canadian Science Policy Centre's (CSPC) 2018 conference. This is an editorial I wrote as a contribution to their women in science series. 


An invited blog post for the Node, a community site by and for developmental biologists (hosted by Development). This piece was a contribution in a series called 'a day in the life of...' that featured labs that use unique models. 


Figure 4.jpg

Published in the Journal of Anatomy, this article is the culmination of my Master's work. This publication looks at major factors in the skin and investigates how their expression changes prior to, during and following skin regeneration. 



Conferences are great for disseminating your scientific discoveries, catching up on what's new in the field and connecting with both your peers and leading experts in the field. It's also great for travelling! This past March, I attended the KeyStone Symposia on Non-Coding RNAs in KeyStone, Colorado! Here are some photos and my one minute travel diary of my experience! ✈️

This was my first time travelling by myself and I learned a few things from my experience:

1. Attending a conference in your specific field at the start of your degree helps you appreciate the current state of your field and forces you to think about your project and future work in a really productive way;

2. Small conferences and solo travelling, independently and synergistically force you to network and talk to strangers, which forces you out of your comfort zone in a good way;

3. Travelling by yourself means you don’t have to do anything on anyone else’s schedule - you can attend whatever talks you want and do whatever activities you want. 10/10 would recommend solo travelling and solo conferencing. 💃🏽


At ground level, we were about 2800m above sea level! I went snowshoeing up the Rocky Mountains, and the elevation was even higher. As soon as we arrived at the Keystone resort, I noticed a change in my breathing, but it was even more difficult to breathe when we were hiking the mountain trails. It was an amazing workout and well worth it because the views were incredible! 😍